About Us

Legacy Mantels designs and manufactures fireplace mantels and mantel shelves. Experience has borne out our belief that there is a strong market for our modestly-priced, high-quality products. Customers across America have trusted our quality products and service for over a decade.

We've been in the business for over a decade and buy raw materials from our suppliers in volume so we get the best possible price.
We then mass produce our wood products using high-tech precision machinery that produces excellent products, cuts the cost of labor, and virtually eliminates waste.
Finally, we don't gouge our buyers. We charge a fair price for an exceptional product, backed by great customer service and a commitment to your satisfaction.

The bottom line is that we produce beautiful high-quality decorative products at a lower cost than most outfits and then we pass those low costs on to you. Sure, you can pay more elsewhere, but you won't find better quality, design, or service at any price.

Our manufacturing staff is made up of skilled craftsmen who have perfected their skills through years of training, dedication, and hard work. We take pride in our work—if our customers aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied.