How long will it take to receive my order ?

Manufacturing and Shipping Schedules
Our paint-grade mantels and mantel shelves are usually ready to ship within 5 to 7 days after you place your order. Hardwood mantels and mantel shelves usually take 21 days from the time they are ordered until they are ready to ship. Volume orders may take longer. Check with us if you have special shipping needs.

We will ship your order via FedEx Ground Service or an LTL common carrier. US destinations only unless by special arrangement.

Shipping Confirmation Email and Order ETA
When your order ships, unless you request otherwise we will send you a confirmation email with the tracking numbers for the order. Shipping via FedEx Ground Service from Boise, Idaho we find that it usually takes:

2 days to get products to surrounding states;
3 days to southern California & Arizona;

3 days to the midwest;
4 days to the central and south central states;
5 days to the east coast and deep south

Orders shipped via an LTL common carrier may take longer to arrive.

These time estimates are for information purposes only and do not constitute guaranteed delivery schedules. If you have a question about your shipment check the website for your order's carrier or give us a call at: 208-863-7596.